The cultural center of Plungė is situated in the heart of the town. Its history begins in 1939. Firstly the parish of the Plungė church gave a hall in old two floor building and it was fitted to town cultural needs. New cultural centre was built in 1990 and now is located in 4216 square meters area of the building. It is really modern, contemporary building made to fullfill all cultural needs of the town. Building itself has 4 main premises for diferent cultural events: the main concert hall (523 seats), small hall with a stage (100 seats), exchibition hall (240 square meters), dance hall (220 square meters). In need our center can offer cafe-bar “Bildukas”, cafe “Kaukė” or other premises depending on different needs.


  • At the moment cultural center of Plungė has 22 amateur art groups. All of them are active participants in various events, holidays, festivities. In addition that they participate in various local and international contests. They initiate contests, projects and various events themselves. Anyone willing to join any of the art group is welcome in the beggining of the new season.
  • Cultural center of Plungė is awarded with the nomination of “Best cultural centre”. Four of the art groups are awarded with the highest amateur art appreciation – nomination of the “The Golden Bird”. It is the Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre and The World Lithuanian Folk Song Festival Fund award to amateur choirs, theatres, folk song and dance groups, folk music and brass bands and their leaders.

Cultural center is really well known place for local comunity to gather. During one season of center the organized events are visited by over 100 000 visitors.  Through its activities Cultural center of Plungė satisfies the cultural needs of society, promotes ethnic culture, amateur art, creates different  and various art programs, develops educational and recreational activities, takes care of preservation of national traditions and dissemination of professional art.